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Last Day of School – Letter to Students Next Year

The teachers at my school thought this activity was super cute and loved hearing what their students thought was important for next year’s students to know (their teacher loves coffee, to listen to direction the FIRST time, to eat school lunch on chicken pasta days, etc.). The students also loved to hear their names and their teachers names in the book when I personalized it as I read. I hope you enjoy this super easy and cute activity for the last week of school!

Lesson Title: Last Day of School – Letter to Students Next Year

Grade(s): K-2

ASCA Standards:

  • A:A1.5 Identify attitudes and behaviors that lead to successful learning

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will be able to identify skills and information that help students to be successful in the grade that they are in



Begin by summarizing what the first day of school was like and what skills students used to be successful this year, or follow the script below:

Today we are going to reflect on what the first day of (student’s current grade) was like and the skills and tools you used to be successful. What was the first day of school like for you? (call on a few students to share) Some of you may have been excited, or nervous, or you may have experienced many different emotions at a time. The first day of school is a big deal because first impressions, or the first time you meet someone or experience something, is very important! That impacts how you view that person/experience for a long time. We want to be sure that when our classmates and teachers meet us that they can see that we are wonderful people who are excited and ready to learn! It can also be a little scary because each year more is asked of you and you have more responsibility and independence, or doing things with less help and guidance. We are going to read a story about the last day of school and think about everything that you have learned this year, what you are excited for this summer and next year in (next grade), and lastly I want you to think of what it might be good for a student who will be in (teacher’s name)’s class next year to know in order to be successful.

Read The Last Day of Kindergarten by Nancy Loewen and substitute the grade, teacher’s name, and student’s name with relevant names for the class you are teaching. Students love to hear their teacher’s name in the story!

Hand out the Dear Student, Welcome to _____ Grade activity and ask student’s to fill it out with information that might be helpful for a student going into that grade to know. Provide an example to the class. Offer these handouts to the teacher to provide to her students next year or allow the students to bring these home.


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