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Meet The School Counselor

Attached below is a powerpoint page that you may edit to make your own! This is a fun attachment to have on the outside of your door, on your website, or adapted to function as a brochure to share your role with your students, staff, and parents. If you want to develop a QR code to use to develop your own online referral form, start by developing a form with your google account here:!/

Here is an example of my form. Feel free to copy my questions as needed for your survey:

To make the QR code, go to the following website:

Then enter your google form URL in the website, click create QR code, then download or save your code for you to share and add to documents.

To add a Bitmoji to your file, download the Bitmoji app found in the app store on your phone. Next, you will make certain selections, such as eye color and hair style, to develop your Bitmoji character. When you have compeleted your character, you can select certain themes (saying hello, drinking coffee, etc.) to save on your phone, then upload these to drive, email, or whatever way is most convenient for you to then upload to this document.

I hope this help! If you have any questions, submit them in the comment section below!

Meet the School Counselor Editable & Printable


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