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End of Year Lesson – Teacher Report Card & Student Reflections

Not only is this a great lesson to wrap up the year and allows time for end of year classroom discussions, but the teacher report cards also doubles as a gift from the students to their homeroom teacher. So many teachers thanked me for having the students fill those out and so many laughs came from the sweet and silly comments the students had for their teacher.

Lesson Title: End of Year Wrap Up Lesson Plan

Grade(s): K-5

ASCA Standards:

PS:A1.10 Identify personal strengths and assets

PS:A1.4 Understand change is a part of growth

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will be able to identify strengths in themselves and their teachers


  • 2 handouts per student

Begin by asking students what their favorite lessons in guidance were, what they liked about school, their favorite subjects, what was difficult, what their friendships taught them, etc. Provide a wrap up/summary of what students learned this year. Include the special things you have learned about students and their class. Describe things that the students may have taught you. Explore how change (going to another grade level) is an exciting and important step to growing as a person. Consider exploring the differences they may experience when they go into the next grade level (more independence, responsibility, etc.). Next, explain that you are going to provide students two handouts. One is a student reflection that allows students to consider the highlights of their year and reflect on their time in their current grade level. K-1 can color this worksheet. Next, explain that just like teachers make report cards for students, we are also going to make report cards for our teachers! We want to make teachers feel special and loved, just like they have made us feel. Handout out the 2 handouts to each student and allow them to complete them. You can collect the teacher report cards to give to the teachers at the end of class or on the last day of school.

The two free handouts can be found here:

Self Reflection:

Teacher Report Card:


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