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I wanted to share a few free counseling referral options with you all since this has proved to be the easiest way for me to know which students need to see me.

First, I have an online referral for parents and teachers to use to refer students to me. Of course they also refer via phone calls, emails, etc., but this is an efficient way to gain a variety of information on a student. I used Google Form (SO EASY) to make the referral and then made a QR code.

Here is a copy of my Google Form:

To make the QR code, go to the following website:

Then enter your google form URL in the website, click create QR code, then download or save your code for you to share and add to documents.

In order for students to self-refer, it’s nice to have forms out in a popular hallway so that students can grab one and turn it in. There are many perks to having students fill out these forms, one of the biggest being that it allows you to easily count how much students you saw via self-referral and the note acts as a reminder for you to meet with them. My favorite way to have them turned in is to have a small box (the counselor I interned under used a painted/decorated old cigar box that she attached to the wall using command strips) with a slit in the top for students to stick their notes and a way for you to retrieve the notes each day. You can also have students give the note to their teacher to turn in, but this may deter students who don’t feel comfortable with their teacher.

Here are a few free referral forms that you may use!


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