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Self Control – Even Superheroes Have Bad Days

I try to find free or DIY resources for lessons, but this one from TPT was too good to pass up. My students loved it and it gave several worksheets for longer periods of class time or to provide a different lesson for different grade levels. For 5th grade, I adjusted this lesson to be a student led activity as I explained they will be doing more presenting and projects in middle school, where they may sometimes have to take on a teacher role. They took turns presenting/reading the content/book and reflecting on different skills we have learned throughout the year (coping skills, self-control, affects on others, etc.). Students liked this because watching their peer play the teacher role was both silly and interesting.

Lesson Title: Self Control – Even Superheroes Have Bad Days

Grade(s): K-5

ASCA Standards:

  • PS:A1.8 Understand the need for self-control and how to practice it
  • PS:A1.6 Distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate behavior

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will be able to identify appropriate behaviors to utilize in response to bad days or negative situations



Read the book Even Superheroes Have Bad Days.


  • What are some things that might make you have a bad day?
  • What are some things that we might want to do in reaction to our bad day? Why is that helpful/not helpful?
  • When the superheroes reacted poorly to their bad days, we know that it wreaked havoc on their communities. What would it be like if we all reacted negatively when bad things happened?
  • What are some positive reactions or coping skills that you can use in the future when you start having a bad day? How we can use self-control to have positive responses?

Hand out worksheets for students to explore their responses to bad days. I purchased the following TPT pack of worksheets and use different ones for different age groups:


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