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SEL Newsletter

Using a newsletter, I will be sharing with families different resources, topics discussed in SEL that month, a counselor referral QR code, and more! When I send this to teachers to include with their newsletter, I also send ways for them to connect to SEL activities that were taught as well. For example, the following connections were shared in my last email that touched on lessons that will be taught this month:

Classroom connections:

Lesson: School Success

Interactive activity: Ask students to find organize themselves in groups according to the most difficult school success skills mentioned. A few skills that we will discuss include attendance, organization, asking for helping, focusing/paying attention, perseverance, etc. After they get in groups, ask each of them to find a buddy that is good at the skill that they find difficult and to brainstorm ways that they can work on that skill. Ask them to follow up with their buddy for the next several weeks to see how they are doing and if they need any help.

Lesson: Leadership

White board/sticky note activity:

Ask students to write on the white board or place sticky notes on the board of ways that they can show leadership at school, at home, and in our community. Encourage them to think of unique ways that others may not have already considered.

Lesson: Responsibility

Class discussion: What responsibilities do I have on my own at school (completing work, participating in class, asking for help when needed, not interrupting) and what responsibilities do we share in our classroom? How about our school (walking quietly in the hall, caring for our school garden, keeping our school clean)? What is most difficult for me and how can I improve on this?

Lesson: Character Trait Goals

Writing prompt: ask students to write about their experience of having other people describe them with a character trait. Ask them to write about why they think others thought those character traits described them, how it made them feel, and how they utilize those character traits as strengths at home, school, and in our community.


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