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Integrity: What if Everybody Did That

Lesson Title: What If Everybody Did That – Integrity

Grade(s): K-5

ASCA Standards:

  • PS:A1.2 Identify values, attitudes and beliefs
  • PS:A2.1 Recognize that everyone has rights and responsibilities
  • PS:B1.2 Understand consequences of decisions and choices

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the importance of working together for the common good
  • Define integrity as a character trait and describe its importance
  • Identify a personal goal to pursue integrity


  • What If Everybody Did That Worksheet
  • Pencils
  • The book What If Everybody Did That by Ellen Javernick



  • What are some things that really bother you? For example, littering, name calling, etc.
  • Have you ever wondered what it would be like if everybody did that?

Today we are going to read a story that talks about just that!

Read What If Everbody Did That?


  • What would it be like if everybody did whatever they wanted?
  • What kind of problems might we have?
  • What does the word integrity mean and how does it pertain to this book?
  • Why do we have rules and laws?

Hand out a worksheet (see link below) to each student and ask them to complete it based off its prompt. After students complete their worksheet, separate students into groups based on those with the same paper. Ask students to compare answers and when they have an even larger compilation of answers to take turns presenting their ideas to the class.

Closing discussion:

  • Share an experience where someone did something that frustrated you.
  • What it would be like if everybody did that
  • Why do you think that they made that choice?
  • What should they have done instead.

Ask students to consider something that they do that might bother someone else or might not be the best choice, how they are going to intentionally change their behavior, and why this change is important. They can share this in small groups. Example: when people throw their trash out the window it really bothers me. I suppose they did it because they didn’t want to wait to find a trash can. Instead, they should throw their trash in the garbage, even if they have to be patient. If everybody threw their trash on the ground, our world would be covered in garbage and would be an ugly, unhealthy place to live. I am going to work hard on not blurting out in class. If everybody did this, we would never be able to learn because it would be too loud. I will work on this by reminding myself to raise my hand and to practice self-control until I master it. This change is important because it will help my classmates and I to learn better, and my teacher and I might have a better relationship because I will be more respectful by not interrupting..


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