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Integrity – Facebook Profile

Finding lesson plans for our older students can definitely be difficult, but this was definitely a favorite for them! They loved using their artistic talents and comparing the likes and posts they made on their “social media”. The younger students also related since many of them have seen their parents on social media and liked being able to make a profile for themselves.

As far as the book goes, many of us have books laying around from counselors before us that talk about integrity. This lesson can be used to accompany any of those books that you might have! I am using this with the Cloud 9 World curriculum that my school has, but I left a Youtube video of a book that you can use if you don’t have anything else that might work for this.

Lesson Title: Cloud 9 World – Integrity Lesson Plan

Grade(s): K-5

ASCA Standards:

  • C:A2.8 Understand the importance of responsibility, dependability, punctuality, integrity and effort in the workplace

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will be able to define integrity and provide an example of using integrity
  • Students will be able to explain how one can show integrity online



For this lesson, I used a book that my school has as a part of the Cloud 9 World character development curriculum. Since many schools do not have this, consider using another book that you may have laying around that could be used to teach a lesson on Integrity. Another book that I thought looked great is the Tell the Truth, B.B. Wolf by Judy Sierra. If you’re on a budget, consider checking this book out at the library or use this free read aloud:

After reading your book, discuss the main points with your class and discuss the topic of integrity.


  • What is integrity?
    • the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness. Morals are doing what is right (some people have different morals, but there are many morals all people share, such as not stealing or harming others).
  • What kind of behaviors show that a person has integrity?
    • Honesty
    • Make good choices, even when others aren’t looking
    • Make things right when they make a mistake
    • Stands up for others
    • Post kind things online
    • Don’t write or say anything that is mean or untrue
  • Why is it important that we surround ourselves with friends who have integrity?
    • So that they have a good influence on us and don’t encourage us to do things we shouldn’t
    • So that they can be a good friend to us (we would be sad if our friends lied to us)
    • We are more likely to be successful if we surround ourselves with those kinds of friends
    • So that we can trust them

Explain the following: “People with integrity are all around us and we can learn a lot from how they conduct themselves each day in what they do. One popular activity that many people engage in is social media. I want you to consider what kinds of things people with integrity post online. Integrity online is very important because not only do your friends and family see what you post, but your future employers do as well! Most employers check out the profiles of all people that they hire. What kind of stuff would you want those people seeing on your page? Consider the kinds of things you would not want them to see. Those are the kinds of things you shouldn’t post. Now let’s see how much you know about integrity! I am going to give each of you a paper with places to put some of the information that we might put on our social media accounts. We are going to use this to develop a Facebook profile for someone who has great integrity. You are welcome to use yourself and include aspects about you that show integrity. You can also make someone up. For example, where do you live, what are your interests, what kinds of post might you share if you have integrity? Include those!

If time allows, allow students to share some of what they included in their profile.

The facebook handout can be found here:


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