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Positive Pat & Negative Ned

We have all had students that just can’t seem to find anything good in any situation. This can be a very frustrating position as it seems to put a roadblock in the way of making any progress with these students. This is a game I found that has been very helpful with these students and it is actually really fun! This game allows students to understand the difference between positive and negative attitudes, and it really illustrates why it it so much easier and more fun to be positive. After practicing both ways, I think a lot of students feel a weight lifted off their shoulders when they see things in a positive, yet realistic light. Most students laugh at how silly the negative attitudes sound. I have used this game with individuals and with groups. You’ll definitely want to follow the printing instructions as they are very helpful. Follow the link below:

Click to access negative%20ned%20meets%20positive%20pat.pdf


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